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The Shop

Budy Built strives to offer perfection with each build. Each customization is carefully taken into account for the optimal outcome. We aim to create unique custom interiors that will wow any enthusiast. Whether you want a completely original look, a twist on an original or something completely out of the box, Budy Built will work with you to design and execute the interiors of your dreams

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Steve Budy


With over 35 years in the automotive industry, Steve has curated a keen eye for exceptional design and craftsmanship. Steve started working in an automotive shop at the fresh age of 16 where he honed in basic skills. He soon found a passion for restoration and custom paint. With a precise hand and a patient eye for details, Steve accomplished award winning body work that captured the attention of many car enthusiasts. After years in the garage, it was time for Steve to pay it forward, spread his knowledge and become an Automotive and Paint teacher.

Steve began his trade in upholstery when his picky eye for design knew exactly what he wanted and decided to do it himself. Self taught, Steve took time to learn how to construct precise patterns, shape foam to perfection and assemble interiors. His passion has continued to grow with each new car that comes into the shop, continuing to configure new designs and perfect his art. 

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LiAnne Budy

LiAnne is Steve's youngest daughter. She joined the team in 2021 after making a major career change. LiAnne graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) studying Product Development, and quickly began her career as a Technical Designer. With over 8 years as a Technical Designer in the Fashion Industry, LiAnne's pattern making, design and construction skills have proven asset to the team. Her craftsmanship is precise and ever growing with her keen eye for details. 

As a father - daughter duo, Steve and LiAnne have a special bond working in the garage together. Their skills compliment each other well and ideas to create new concepts and designs are endless. 

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